"We are thrilled with the results; the ability to share these dashboards with the board by pulling directly from salesforce enables our numbers to map to the sales numbers more accurately."

- Sharon Moses, VP of Marketing

"Soon after we implemented Marketo, the senior executive team wanted to see the impact. Although it was easy to pull campaign-level success in Marketo, it was MUCH more challenging to show overall marketing effort and results. Path to Scale has enabled us to create a series of dashboards and reports to show current activity, trends, sales rep success, and overall marketing influence towards our sales goals. We are thrilled with the results, as are the VP of Sales and the CEO."

- Kym Wootton, VP of Marketing

"The Path-to-Scale app reaches far beyond SalesForce's reporting limitations to derive insights across leads, contacts, accounts, campaigns, opportunities objects. These insights are delivered via cohesive, meaningful, and actionable dashboards that reflect demand volume, flow, velocity, and conversion throughout the buyer's journey. Path-to-Scale accounts for the fact that the buyer's journey is anything but linear, capturing, tracking, and quantifying their movement throughout the pipeline, no matter how organic. Path-to-Scale operationalizes the SiriusDecisions demand waterfall in SalesForce for both tactical and strategic feedback for both executive and end-users."

- April Sage, Director Marketing Technology


Customer Success Casestudy

From lead lifecycle modeling to multi-touch attribution modeling, Path to Scale is changing the way Smarsh manages its marketing and sales process in a big way.

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