{Free Excel Template}: The RPM – Revenue Performance Matrix

I have recently had a couple requests for implementation documentation around campaign taxonomy and lifecycle documentation best practices to achieve attribution and the appropriate funnel metrics. I figured I might as well package this up into the start of an exhaustive step-by-step approach to implementing revenue performance within your organization.

Below is the first step.

It is a worksheet meant to be completed in a stepwise fashion starting with:

  • defining your reporting requirements
  • lifecycle stages
  • campaign taxonomy
  • lead sources
  • channel statuses/success
  • technical pieces needed to implement.

Each tab serves as a step in the process and is accompanied by instructions for completion. This is really just the beta and the end goal is to build out a series of articles pertaining to each step in the process.

Feel free to use it, beat it up, share it, and/or send me your criticisms.

The RPM: Revenue Performance Matrix.xlsx

Download File Now


The file includes the following separate tabs:

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